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One Notch is a B2B and B2C trade marketplace that is specially designed to empower, retailers, manufacturers and consumers using technology as a source. Retailers now directly purchase the stuffs for there shops at there fingers with lots of option in single product, guaranted cheaper than the market, directly from the manufactures. Manufactures will get a platform to directly connect with there customers with offline and online sales serice, so manufactures have to focus only there product quality and quantity rest of the part is taken care by the OneNotch.

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Our Process

Our Team

Our team provide a fulfill data to our client. We are providing hundred percent satisfaction with our clients

Harshit H. Pandey


Rohit Singh

Finance Department

Sachin B Yadav

Web Developer

Sujeet Y. Wale

Graphics Designer N.K. Orchid College

Ayushman Sharma

DA & BA IIT Guwahati

Ritesh Kumar

Marketing IIT Guwahati


Finance IIT Guwahati


Business Development IIT Guwahati

Purvarth Raj Choudhary

Brand Management IIT Guwahati

Himanshu CHaudhary

DA & BA IIT Guwahati

Ayush Aggarwal

Front End Developer (Web) IIT Guwahati

Sai Sreyas Ray

Front End Developer (Web) IIT Guwahati

Ritu Nilkanth Patil

Android Developer (Front End) IIT Guwahati

Palak Kothari

Android Developer (Front End) IIT Guwahati


Android Developer (Back End) IIT Guwahati



Contact for the investment in land,flat,shop. We are promissing to give you the hundred percentage profit after a period of time. Our teams are located in Virar embassies, high commissions and consulates in cities around the world.





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